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Announcing The Full Deck

The only deck of cards you will ever need.

Overview of the Full Deck 

The Full Deck is a unique card deck that can be used for divination, contemplation, illuminating solitaire meditation, or in a group party game.  The heart of The Full Deck is the deck of 64 insightful cards developed from fundamental principles of human existence using Set Theory.  Each card has lore and art to provide verbal and visual suggestions as to their meaning.  There are 4 suits of 16 cards.  These suits represent the 4 planes of existence - physical,  biological, cognitive, and social. 

The deck also contains the 12 signs of the Zodaic; each sign appears on 2 different cards. The planets (the sun, moon, and 8 planets) appear 4 times on other cards. This means that you can make an arrangement to have different planets in various aspects, and in various signs.

The Full Deck also contains a standard deck of playing cards plus 3 extra cards, making up to 16 cards for each suit - clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. This means you can play any card game you want - poker, bridge, anything!

Each suit also has 6 dice with one face of a die on a card. This means that you can toss up to 4 dice using the cards.

Finally, The Full Deck has all 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, so you can toss a Ching. Each appears once on its own card.


View the Full Deck at The Game Crafter

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